Student Conference in Maribor (SCiM) is an international student conference, where each year more than 60 students from all around the world gathers to not only attend different lectures and workshops, but also take part in the other activities of the conference.

    The main purpose of the conference is to unite students from different countries in one place, where they have the opportunity to gain new knowledge and make contacts with university professors and acknowledged professionals from different fields.

    Besides main workshops and keynotes, students also have the opportunity to experience the city of Maribor through different activities, explore Slovenia on a two-day excursion and establish new friendships.

    This year’s theme is „Digital Destiny”. We are generations that lives in a digital era, that has huge influence on our lives. University professors and professionals will cover topics all the way from the evolution of digital world to future of it. Participants will gain knowledge trough different lectures and workshops about cyber security, cyber psychology, success and marketing in social media and so on.

    Leaflet Student Conference in Maribor (SCiM)